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Getting started is easy. Just register with an e-mail address and password, and once registered, click ‘Worker’ to start earning.

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This is a question that can vary from person to person. A majority of people who do CPU mine state that it is perfectly safe as long as your not overheating your CPU. Through our testing of CPU mining, we have found no evidence to prove that mining damages our computer.

All we say is keep an eye on the temperature of the computer as due to the mining process, your CPU will generate more heat than conventional use. If the temperature gets too high for your computer, consider using a fan to blow cool air into the side of your machine, or stop mining for about 30 minutes to allow your computer to cool down.

Also our miner starts at low power giving you the choice on if you want to increase the power for more earning. However if you increase the power and your CPU gets too hot, lower the power down to 1 or 2 until your CPU cools down.

To keep on eye on your CPU temperature, download Open Hardware Monitor

DISCLAIMER: We are NOT responsible if you do not follow the advice given to keep your computer cool.

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In order to receive withdrawals, you will first need a dogecoin wallet. We recommend the online service Dogechain or the desktop application JAXX Wallet.

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